Surface Choices

Surface Choices

Traditionally, breast implant surfaces have been either smooth or textured. Textured surfaces have been manufactured by projecting salt, sugar or other particles on the implant shell. Lately, several studies have shown that aggressive textures, which are typically obtained with such materials, have secondary effects (1, 2), even for women with active lifestyles.
Motiva Implants® SilkSurface and VelvetSurface are unique surfaces obtained without the use of foreign materials like salt or sugar, with a controlled process designed for a better biocompatibility. Additionally, these nano-surfaces promote a more natural interaction between the implant and the surrounding tissue, allowing the implant to better adapt to the normal movement of the breast.

Shape Choices

Breast implants have either a round, oval or contoured shape and come in several different sizes and projections.
Historically, round implants have been used to increase fullness of the breast’s upper-pole, while oval or teardrop shaped implants were designed to best mimic the natural breast shape, with more fullness in the lower pole. The placement of these teardrop implants requires a more advanced technique and can have complications like implant rotation and undesired aesthetic results.(5, 6, 7)
A novel development for women who seek the most natural look and feel can be found in Motiva Implants® Ergonomix™ line.

Size, Base and Projection Choices

Additional to implant shape, you must consider size, base and projection in order to achieve the desired breast aesthetic outcome.
The base of the implant will define the resulting cleavage, the fullness is determined by the implant projection and the cup by the implant volume.